Ayomitomiwa studied architecture in Lautech and worked with Ogun State Property Investment Commission, (OPIC) during her service year in 2017.

She had a neighbour who was also a corp member like her who studied estate management and works in a real estate firm. One day, they were gisting and her friend told her how she earned her first commission(70,000) as a real estate agent. This amazed Ayotomiwa and she wondered how someone could do something so little and earn so much money. It fired up the interest she had in real estate.

Ayo has always been interested in the development part of real estate and not the design part which she studied. So, she started as a freelancer agent in October 2017 and made her first sale (1 plot )in December 2017. Later on she sold two plots then issues started coming up. Her clients began to ask questions which she couldn’t provide an answer to because the firm she sold for was not giving her a satisfactory reply. It became a challenge for her and somehow it dwindled her interest in real estate. During the course of his incident, someone made a snide remark that she was just an amateur who knows nothing about real estate.

This statement gave her the push she needed and it made her decide she was going to go fully into real estate and get certified. She started working for another real estate firm in other to garner enough experience and luckily for her, their professionalism was topnotch. She saved up some money and her hunt to get a certification started.

After searching online for schools she could attend, School of Estate came up. Ayotomiwa confessed that all the lecturers delivered more than her expectation. “I was not disappointed I attended School of Estate” she said.

In 5 years time, Ayo said she would be found in the development sector. You need to watch out for this girl!

She also said now that she has attended school of estate, she has more knowledge about educating her clients