Lawrence was just into real estate agency; renting out properties and collecting commission before he was advised to attend school of estate in 2012.

At first, he was reluctant about it but now he can attest to the fact that the training has opened his eyes to other aspects of real estate business.

He affirmed that attending the training was one of the key turning points in his real estate journey. Lawrence also said that the knowledge he gained gave him confidence in his professional career.

This interview showcases things he has experienced in his professional journey and how they have impacted his life positively.

If you are a real estate enthusiast, broker, realtor, agent or you want to be a developer and you know you don’t have the prerequisite knowledge to function effectively, you need to attend school of estate. The good thing about all these is that you can attend the online course from any part of the world and in your own comfort zone.

You might think you know everything that there is about real estate business but believe you me, these courses will widen your horizon to other aspects of the business and it would wow you.